János Albert

János Albert

Technical Director


Design and construction of a ramp and canopy structure for the launch of Auchan Törökbálint and Budakalász e-commerce.

Design and construction of a ramp and canopy structure for the launch of an e-commerce business. Scanning, Tekla modelling and mapping of the local landscape with Trimble RTS (Robotic Total Station).

Challenge: to bring reality-based structural design and designation into one process using the latest survey techniques, making the entire design and construction process 3D-based. This was a particular challenge, as it was the first time in Hungary that the RTS machine was used and integrated into the process. We surveyed the yard around Auchan with a laser scanner, resulting in a 3D point cloud image. At the same time, the structural engineer prepared the 2D and 3D structural designs, including the necessary calculations. The scaled and approved structural design was transferred to the background model, which was then subjected to a collision detection test using Tekla BIMSight. The final design was marked out using an RTS (Robotic Total Station) machine following the on-site collision detection test.


3D background model of the building

3D Tekla steal structural design 3D based selection

Photo: Auchan Törökbálint

Added value:
This was particularly important for a new steel structure that had to be connected to an existing building.

Photo: Auchan Törökbálint construction phase

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