Szilveszter Fehér

Szilveszter Fehér

Architect, Managing Director


Location: shopping centre Mega Mall Bucharest, Romania

Project: Floor analysis of 5000 square metres of space required for the handover under the contract between the landlord and Peek&Cloppenburg as tenant.

The Client needed a flooring analysis that would help resolve the leveling issue that was being disputed between P&C, the landlord and the general contractor, as well as provide accurate information on the millwork and self-leveling flooring required, as well as the necessary remedial work and logistics for the interior design firm.

Transferring the point cloud elevations to the floor plan, where the different elevations were highlighted using color analysis.

Flatness report
Highlighting the differences using a special software
Result of the analysis: calculation of cubic metres and materials, fact-based cost analysis of corrections

Value added:
The specification of the disputed surface was done in an accurate manner, with a result immediately accepted by all parties, so that the construction could proceed without delay.

Photo: Peek&Cloppenburg, Bukarest Mega Mall-Floor analysis

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